DNA Pro Personalised Supplement





A smart, easy and effective solution to improve fitness and health.

SMART : based on the latest scientific research in genetics and nutrition. We apply up-to date knowledge about genetic variations and interactions between nutrients and DNA (known as nutrigenomics). The analysis of your DNA allows us to make scientifically based recommendations about your diet and the need for food supplements.

EASY : the profile of your DNA is used to design, and also produce for you your own personalized food supplement. It is concentrated in a single tablet,  so you do not need to worry anymore if your body is getting the supplements it really needs to be healthy.

EFFECTIVE : Taking your daily dosage of your own personalized nutrition is the key to become the best version of yourself, whether you want to reduce wrinkles, prevent ageing, lose weight, gain muscle, increase energy or performance, improve your general well-being or reduce the risks for disease. The dosage and combination of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and other ingredients provides exactly what your unique body needs to stay healthy, fit and young, on the outside and inside.

Characteristics of the personalized supplement

  • Medical-grade, manufactured in the European Union according to highest GMP standards.
  • Presented as easy to swallow tablets, to be taken 2 tablets a day, together with a meal.
  • Contains a personalized composition with direct bio-active vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.
  • Delivered in a luxurious box that contains 12 glass bottles, each with 60 tablets.

How does it work ?

  • After ordering your “DNA PRO Personalised Supplement” you receive a saliva collection kit. Instructions on how to take the saliva sample are included in the kit. It is very easy and painless, and can perfectly be done in your comfortable home. An envelope to send the sample back to us is also included.
  • We analyze your DNA in our laboratory and study the variations in your genes that affect metabolic reactions .We compare your result with millions of scientifically proven studies to generate a profile about your capacity for nutrient uptake and assimilation.
  • We manufacture the optimal formulation for you with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are perfectly adapted to your genetic profile.
  • Approximately 6 weeks after receipt of your saliva sample you will receive a 1 -year supply of your own custom-made medical grade food supplements.
  • Start experiencing the effects of personalized nutrition on your fitness and well being.

Instructions for use: take 2 tablets a day together with a meal.

Presentation: luxury box that contains 12 glass bottles, each with 60 tablets. 1 YEAR SUPPLY

Total net weight: 720 g.

Depending on the DNA analysis the ingredients we use for your kit will vary. You will receive a detailed ingredients list with your kit.


What our body needs depends on our daily activity. Obviously, a professional athlete needs to follow a different diet than a sport´s enthusiast. But our diet should also be adjusted to our genetic needs. Small variations in our DNA are the cause that many people cannot efficiently metabolize certain vitamins or other nutrients.

Even with a balanced diet, such genetic variations can cause vitamin deficiencies, a decreased elimination of toxins, or other complications of which we are often unaware. This can further lead to lack of energy, decreased performance, slow metabolism, mental instability, or even more serious health concerns.

Most nutrients, in the form they are obtained from food, are inactive and cannot be used by the body. They need to be metabolized into a bio-active form through enzymatic transformation before they become available to the body. This can be a multiple-step process, and most people have one or another genetic variation that reduces the availability of some vitamin or nutrient, which can have serious consequences for general health.

We design your custom-made supplements that are perfectly matched to your genetic profile. All it takes is a sample of saliva. We analyse your DNA and design your personalized supplement that is ideal for you and for you alone. Unsurpassed effect guaranteed, as confirmed by many of our loyal clients! Try it and you will be surprised by your own achievements.

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