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  • ADVANCED CELL CARE  : 1 bottle with 60 tablets, to be taken 2 tablets a day
  • PROTEIN PLUS : 1 tub with 800 g supreme quality hydrolysed whey protein powder with essential nutrients for optimal muscle building

ADVANCED CELL CARE contains a selection of bio-active vitamins and minerals, powerfulanti-oxidants and efficient anti-ageing ingredients, all together in one tablet. It is a supreme formulation that combines all the best products of VGen to give the body everything it needs to become the best version of yourself.


60 tablets per bottle – take 2 tablets a day.

Benefits of taking this supplement:

  • Health: by providing the body with everything it needs to keep its metabolic reactions in perfect shape, it promotes splendid health and reduces risks for disease. Benefits heart, liver, kidneys, mind, skeleton, skin, hair, nails, eyes, body composition, energy level, hormone production
  • Fitness: stimulates energy, vitality, fat loss, muscle synthesis, flexible joints, reduces recovery time after training.

Instructions for use: take 2 tablets a day, together with a meal.

Presentation: 1 bottle with 60 tablets.

Total net weight: 60 g.

PROTEIN PLUS + contains a combination of superb quality 97 % pure hydrolysed whey protein plus all necessary vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to boost rapid protein synthesis. In combination with physical exercise it is the ultimate tool to gain lean muscle mass in record time. The ultra-high degree of hydrolysis makes it very easy to digest and suitable for anyone suffering from digestion discomfort. The protein powder is very quickly and completely absorbed. Unlike other protein powders that are not as intensively hydrolysed, PROTEIN PLUS + does not need to be metabolized in the liver: it becomes immediately effective in the muscle. Results guaranteed after only 2 weeks. Because it also contains creatine, energy levels are boosted for increased training capacity.

Benefits of taking this supplement:

  • Health: beneficial for people with overweight, lack of energy, muscle weakness. It stimulates fat-burning, muscle strength and energy metabolism.
  • Fitness: in combination with physical exercise it has unsurpassed effectiveness for muscle-building, fat loss, increased energy, stamina and strength.

Instructions for use: dissolve 2 scoops (1 serving) into approximately 200 ml of water or any liquid of preference.

Presentation: 1 tub contains 800 grams of protein powder. A measuring scoop (15 g) is included inside the sealed tub.

Available flavours: vanilla or chocolate.

Total net weight : 800 grams

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