The VGEN Team

Company Director and Lead Scientist

Dr. Sonia Van Kerckhoven

PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology
MSc Expert in Nutrition
Expert in Medical Genetics and Genetic Counselling

Lead Researcher

Dr. Erwin Verelst

PhD in Industrial Engineering
MSc in Nutrition

Legal consultant

Peter Buresten

Peter has a law degree from the University of Buckingham in England and studied in Sweden, Mexico, England and Germany.

Marketing and communications

Per Uppman

Per Uppman is the founder of the pre-school company Kids2Home, a new concept where the focus lies on services for the whole family, with a new leap in food and health for the children.

Management, COO

Melik Altuntas Goldstein

International affairs

Azad Abdelkarim

Health and Nutrition Specialist

Lee Dawson

Certified instructor in Martial Arts

A Bit of History


After many years of research at the university of Málaga, Dr. Sonia Van Kerckhoven joined forces with Dr. Erwin Verelst to create the privately owned company VERELST Research and Development. It was their purpose to bring the amazingly powerfulapplications of genetics within reach to the general public. They were soon joined by partners Per Uppman and Peter Buresten in their pursuit to serve fellow human-being with the best possible advice in healthcare, based on genetic analysis.


VERELST R&D becomes the first in the world to apply the technique of genetic sequencing for private customers. Humans have approximately 21.000 genes. Genetic tests that are offered direct to consumers are generally based on a technique where only a few genetic markers in a only a few genes are analyzed. Genetic sequencing, on the other hand, is a process where every single letter in allof your genes is read. The result gives a complete picture of your metabolism and is far more exact and reliable than the analysis of a minuscule fraction of your genes. Verelst R&D, alias Verelst Genetics, starts offering the service of genetic sequencingto consumers, and elaborates useful reports with actionable advice. Our test reports have since guided our clients towards enhanced performance, increased fitness andimproved well-being.


After having performed a large number of genetic sequencings we realized that almost everybody has one or more genetic variations that affect their nutrient metabolism.An inefficient capacity to digest, absorb, assimilateor activate some nutrients can be the cause of decreased physical and/or mental performance. We realized that normal food supplements that are on the market are not effective for people with such genetic variations, because the ingredients are delivered in their inactive form. To be able to offer a working solution for our clients, VerelstGenetics started the production of dietary supplements that contain vitamins, anti-oxidants or other nutrients already in their bio-active form. This means the ingredients are directly available to be used by the body and don´t need to be metabolized first. As a result of this new research, our supplement line VGEN was born.


A reorganization of the company and the addition of new valuable partners to our team has fuelled the expansion of VGEN. Through continuous research in genetics our dietary supplements line now includes products for everyone. Whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat, be more active, improve your skin or just want to be healthy, we have the product for you. VGEN has grown to be a world reference for supplements with bio-active ingredients that help everybody reach their goal, regardless of genetic background.

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