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Collagen II

Price €34.95
The body produces several types of Collagen which are important for tissues like bones and skin. VGen PURE BIO-ACTIVE COLLAGEN II is of superior...

My Skin Care

Price €34.95
Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance produced in the body that serves several functions in keeping the body healthy and young. VGen PURE...

Instant Energy Booster

Price €29.95
INSTANT ENERGY BOOSTER is a smart product that stimulates fat loss and energy production in a safe and effective way. It has no calories (unlike...

Total Detox Anti Ageing

Price €29.95
TOTAL DETOX ANTI-AGEING  is a very potent cell protector and rejuvenator. It boosts the body´s own cleansing mechanism (Glutathione) that...

Immune Booster

Price €29.95
This supplement provides the ideal combination of fat-soluble vitamins and sources of omega-3 as required by the human body for optimal balance of...

Advanced Cell Care

Price €69.99
ADVANCED CELL CARE contains a selection of bio-active vitamins and minerals, powerfulanti-oxidants and efficient anti-ageing ingredients, all...

Protein Plus +

Price €45.00
PROTEIN PLUS + contains a combination of superb quality 97 % pure hydrolysed whey protein plus all necessary vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants...

Argan Cosmetic Grade Oil

Price €38.18
Pure 100% Organic Argan Oil, is Cold Pressed  and purified by our unique in-house designed filtering process, to remove the tiniest impurities,...

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